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Hello everyone,


I just signed up for the 2 day camp in Las vegas 3/21 and 3/22. I can't wait to get out there! :D


I have been riding for a little over a year and have never done a track day. I have read Twist I and am currently reading Twist II. I did the MSF course last year and then got some miles on the street.


My goal is two learn proper cornerning techniques before I develop bad habits on my own. I have no aspirations to be a serious racer. I am in it for the fun.


Looking forward to meeting everyone!



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Welcome Patrick!! You will have an amazing time doing the 2-day camp out at Vegas. It is what I did last year. Have fu and feel free to post up any questions you may have.

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Hi Patrick, looks like I'll get a chance to meet you in Vegas, I'll be there as well, did my first 2 day there last year, had a blast!

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Hi Patrick and welcome,


Vegas is a good place to start (the others have already mentioned that). For sure come and say hello when you get there, and then do let us know it goes afterwards.




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