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    Riding of course, running the motorcycle club I am the organizer of. Playing scenario paintball, hanging with friends and the coolest of them all, driving my Fire Engine. there is nothing cooler then driving a fire truck with lights and sirens at break neck speeds in oncoming traffic racing to a fire. WOOO!!!!! Yes I know I am not right. lol But we do ride alongs and I bet you would love as much as I do. So if you are ever in Orlando and wanna ride let me know.
  1. Scott; Great report. I remember how you well you rode at Infineon back in March and it sounds like your next two levels paid some bigger dividends...five seconds is a lot so congratulations. I just hope that Cobie, Stu and Chris took you out to dinner again and that Chris didn't wad up another one of Will's bikes. Kevin Kevin I made Scott take me out to dinner this time. lol As for wadding up another bike, once was enough. Plus I was on my own bike so it would have hurt a lot more. lol
  2. It was during the first few runs when we first got there. The night runs for me are the most fun. I think my night vision is stronger then most because of my job. It is pitch black inside a burning house and you learn to use very small subtle differences in the darkness to find your way around. After 10 years of this I think it has made me comfortable trusting my vision in the dark, as you saw following me. hehe Chris
  3. Some one had this really obnoxious fumey stuff at the track a while back--smelled like laundry detergent or something. I'd heard you can get stuff and add to the fuel, but it was awful. Not quite the same, I know. Actually it is a lot closer to it then one might think Cobie. A lot of peoples senses get effected in bad ways just from smells alone. Even to the extreme of severe allergic reactions requiring immediate medical attention to stay alive. So for a smell to make one get loopie is not to far off. Unfortunately for me my job requires me to be around truly funky and nasty smells so I have built up an iron nose for it. lol But I still have my limits with some smells like everyone else. lol
  4. Yes you can do it that way and no it is not an overload. They do an amazing job at connecting everything and building upon the previous skills and levels. You will have a blast doing both 1 & 2 back to back, I know I did.
  5. I can say this, I live in Florida and when I go to Deals Gap( The Dragon) in North Carolina up in the mountains I get dizzy from riding the road the first few runs. It is 318 turns in 11 miles up and down in the mountains and that kinda change really gets your head spinning at first. Some of my friends get it too, after a couple of runs though you body get use to it and your ready to go. I would have to say though it was probably the fumes from the trucks. Being a medic and listening to the order and how you said it came on it sounds like you sucked in fumes.
  6. Yes, I am double apexing turn 1. It lines you up for a better and earlier drive for the fastest part of the track. Watching the video, that's where I need to find my time is from turn 10 to turn 3. More specifically I need to work out a better drive out of 11. A better entry into 13 and a better drive out of 1. There are times when I did each of those well but I haven't put them together yet. Greg I see where you can pick up some both in 10 and in 13. If you adjust your line by going in deeper into 9 do a very late apex on it and stay tight coming out of 9 towards 10. There is a big black spot in 9 which does not appear until very late in the corner, you want to try to be between it and the edge of the track. This allows you to come into 10 and 11 with a better line and harder drive out. For 10 there is a spot right near the red meatball sign. apex 10 there again being between it and the edge of the track. Both spots are black and noticeable once you look for them. You can see it in your video around the 7:06 time mark. That lap you were almost spot on with it through there. As for 13, from watching your video it looks like you need to simply run deeper into 13 as well. It will let you have a better line through 13 and 14 and gives you a hellava drive onto the front straight. Hope this helps brother.
  7. Welcome and hope to see you around the forums.
  8. Welcome to the forums, look forward to helping you out with any questions you may have.
  9. I watched his line through one and learned something new. It looks like he is double apexing it instead of following the line around the inside Yes, both lines through one work well there but I find that I can run harder using the double apex as well through turn one there.
  10. Hey Greg I am in Orlando and hit Jennings all the time, very nice times you are running there. My group is actually renting the track for a private track day on May 22nd, let me know if you would be interested in joining us as we still have spots open. Congrats on the race as well.
  11. I do have to say I look forward to hitting the Streets of Willow and doing a Code Race School as well. Sounds like it was a blast yet exhausting all in one, like most good times. lol
  12. Kevin I have to agree, it was great to meet you as well in person. Even better we got to play with the same bike. lol Hope all is going well for you.
  13. Are you signing up to do CSS? If so don't worry about what to ask, they make sure all of their ride coaches know what is what when it comes to teaching and helping others learn. As far as track days go. Your best bet to know if you are doing it right is to buy and read the 3 Keith Code books. They will get your mind and body working in the right way with your motorcycle. You don't need the control riders at a track day to help you learn, all you need is the right knowledge and the desire to learn it properly. Start with the books and ask your questions here, both will get you headed in the right direction with your riding.
  14. Welcome Aaron, you are correct in your thinking. I too love pinning it as most of us here do but to do it with consistency requires the kind of control you wil learn from posting here within these forums as well as going through the levels of the school. I have done 1 2 & 3 so far and I can not even begin to explain how much it has changed how I look at riding. Hope you enjoy your weekend at Willow Springs, make sure you post up about it.
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