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Geared Up, Except...

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Getting ready for my school in 2 weeks :blink: :blink: :blink: , I thoughtfully had some stitching done to my suit and a few seams on my gloves (these things are worn OUT). Then on my last street ride I burst the zipper on my boots. If anyone's familiar with them, I wear Setup boots made by Sidi. Decent boot for an excellent price. Well, I picked up my gear today and after 3 weeks the guy's machine wasn't working and he couldn't do my boot. Anyone know were I can get them repaired near Willow Springs? (just in case it comes to that)


Plan B: Where can I ship them and have them shipped back to me? (trackside if neecessary) (I can't find an address for Sidi, and Setup is no longer available in the U.S.)


Plan C: Buy a new pair (I've been eyeing the New Vertigo's)


Plan D: Rent at the school



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WOOHOO! I was able to get the local boot place to do them!


Glad to hear that. We would have helped you out, no problem.



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