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Who prefers to go around left hand corners, or do you prefer rights?


Maybe it doesn't matter.


I didn't think it mattered to me and my tyres previously showed only a slight difference in wear , left side vs right side, which I put down to road camber.


I ride a CBR1100xx Super Blackbird.




I recently did 11000km in 23 days, fully loaded up with wife, tankbag, Ventura rack and saddlebags.


My rear tyre is worn out on the right hand side, significantly more than the left hand side and the middle.




Is it the way I turn corners, is it the tyre, is it the road camber, is it the wife?


I took some video from the bike mount while on the trip and it is interesting.


I seem to corner to the right better, smoother , wide entry, tight exit to the right hand wheeltrack ( I am in Australia so we ride on the opposite side of the road to you guys in the States). Probably because the corner opens up earlier and vision is good.


Vision is not as good for left handers because we have to stay on the correct side of the centreline.


I went for a ride today around my local area and the video footage sees me turning into left handers quite a bit different to what the holiday video depicts.


Then I thought about this and the differences. No wife and luggage for startersplus the fact that I know the roads around here and my brain already has an idea what is coming up but when I was on holiday all of the roads were foreign so I didn't have the advantage of " knowing " the corner hence the greater reliance on vision.


Am I on the right path to working out this problem?


Has anyone else observed similar issues??


Great forum guys.

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