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Hi From Italy

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Hi everybody.

They told me (thanks to kevin kane for the welcome) usually new people write a little bit about themselves and their bikes, so i'm here. First of all, sorry for my english. I've spent my senior year in south carolina, but unfortunately that was 16 years ago.


I have been riding a bike since i was 14. Then, one night, right before my 17th birthday, when i was riding along an interstate dreaming of turning 18 and buying myself a KAWA ZZR 600, i found somebody who was driving his car in my lane behind a blind turn. I think i did not even brake. Me and my bike were totalled and i was so scared i did not mount on a bike anymore.


Then, after 13 years, i went to the doc because i could not drive (my car) to work anymore, because my back hurted so bad. He said i had an ernia, which for some reason can't be removed and he added -Sell your car and buy a streetbike.- I said -Doc, are you kidding me?- and he went -Nope. Your back is more straight, and the position is more tonic, give it a try.- So i went to the bike seller with the... doctor prescription.... and bought my bike (i obviously bought myself the KAWA ZZR 600 i dreamed of when i was 16!!).


But still, i was afraid to ride. I live in milan, traffic is cahotic and streets are damn narrow down here and, well, going through the traffic at five o'clock when everyone is rushing home to get their dose of spaghetti is something you have to pay attention to. But mine was fear. It was more likely for me to die from a heart attack that from a wreck. So, a couple of years ago, i said - Well, i'm afraid to do 50 on a straight line. What about doing 100 dragging the pegs?-

So I went to a racetrack, waited for my turn, grabbed the throttle and said - Well, f**k it.


Well, i solved the problem of fear but now i have another one... racetrack addiction.

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Hey lucky, that's certainly not your average life story! Welcome to the forum ;)

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Hi Lucky, and welcome!


What a story, as good as it gets! Sorry about your addiction, just keep taking "the pill" (go to the track :rolleyes: )


Italy is one place we have tried to do some schools, but hasn't worked out so far, I'd love to go!


Now you are one of the mad riders racing home to eat spaghetti and watch Rossi on TV? :lol:




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Howdy Lucky. Welcome back to sportbike riding. I rode across Phoenix today, and hit heavy traffic. I'm not worried about it usually. But today I rode out and got the Go Pro camera for my bike, and it was only when I was transporting the $200 camera back home that I became wary of the other vehicles. Crazy. I've been riding for 11 years, and haven't owned a car (although when I go shopping my wife and I share hers) in well over 2 years.

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