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Tyer Pressure

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Dose anyone know if there is a formula for setting the correct tyre pressure for a riders weight?

I race an RS 125 and set pressure , front 22psi and rear 24psi. Any advice ????


I'm a n00b in this area but I'll offer the best of what I've got as a far as knowledge goes.




I doubt tire pressure is set according to rider weight, but suspension springs/ sag is however.


Each tire manufacturer is different, which is why they usually have a recommendation to consult your tire distributor/ vendor (them) for advice.


Michelins are set different than Pirelli vs Dunlop, etc....(get the picture). Some tire manufacturers recommend cold pressures, some give advice based on hot pressure gain.


Generally tires are meant to be operated in a specified temperature range according to the design. Pressure is adjusted to bring the tire into that range based on rider speed across a specific surface, as tracks vary. The pressure setting can also vary with weather.


I don't know of many resources on this "spooky" subject, but I've been in touch with Dave Moss, who is working on something to help demystify setting tires. His website is http://www.onthethrottle.tv/


Perhaps someone can be a little more helpful than I.

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As Jay say's if anyone knows the answer to this its Dave Moss at catalyst suspension tuning, I think I remember him saying that you should be looking for 5-7 psi increase from cold pressure to hot pressure!

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Thanks for that guys, every bit of info helps. I just noticed in a photo (a close up of my front tyre) that it looked a little low, but at the same time looked as though the Tyre was making good contact whilst the bike was cranked right over. The fact that guys who weigh a lot more than me run the same pressure got me thinking that maybe there was a set formula for setting tyre pressure rather than just the manufacturer's recommendation.

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