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  1. When i start a race i try to make sure i do it in one fluid motion, that is, i don't want to be fanning the clutch after the bike moves off the line. First up i engage the bike into 1st gear, then i allow the clutch out to the point where its starting to pull (obviously not enough to make the bike move), when the red lights go out i pick up the revs and SLOWLY let the clutch out, i would rather lose a fraction of a second making sure the bike engages properly rather than waste precious time ''fanning'' the clutch after i have already begun moving. This method has worked very well for me over t
  2. Rossi made an interesting comment the other day regarding the leg out thing...he said '' I don't know why i do it.....but i know why everyone else dose it''.......Classic statment !!!!
  3. Its interesting you brought this point up Jody. I have always raced with my head in the ''up'' position . I then tried changing to the more recognized style used by most of the pro's as you have pointed out. The result was faster lap times (i set fastest lap in my last race). I went out on a ride day before raceday and practiced the new style for over an hour of track time. At first i was a little put off in regards to my visual take on the upcoming corners but over the course of a few laps i slowly became accustom to it. By the end of the track day i was feeling 100% confident and the results
  4. Here's the big tip....water and slicks don't mix. I was approaching a hairpin right hander and noticed a few rain droplets on my viser, i figured i could make it back to the pits before it really started to rain, but as i tipped it in, the front end washed out on me resulting in the above photos, in all honesty i should have known better. I walked away from that one relatively unscathed, although 2 days after the crash i noticed a dull ache in my rib cage that lasted a further 5 days.
  5. Be a pleasure to meet you mate. I'll be in pit 26 if you make it.
  6. G'day Rod, im from Old Sydney town myself mate, love cutting laps at the Creek and race with the PCRA club (we're at Oran Park July 5, come out and say hi if you like {number 93})...Welcome to the forum...it's one of the best around
  7. Here is an awesome save...unbelievable !!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_9aPWCAM3c and....greatest save of all time
  8. You may be onto something there donaudi.
  9. Anyone who has ever stuck their knee out at the end of a long straight would have noticed how it almost acts almost like a parachute (to a certain extent), it may be possible that taking the foot off the peg could increase this effect (?)...not sure. Either way, if Rossi and friends are doing it chances are it may be a good thing to add to our own repertoire.
  10. Although i dont know Peter personally, i have heard a LOT about this young guy over the past 4 years, i hope he makes a full recovery.
  11. Best advice for the Island.....open the throttle and hang on, its super fast.
  12. I use a Mychron 3 Plus. It has lap timer, RPM, water temp, exhaust temp and G force . It also has shift lights and a gear position sensor. After a ride you can upload all the data to your laptop or PC and study the results. Personally i only use the Tacho, lap timer and exhaust temp ( good for 2t and setting main jet).
  13. Racing without a doubt will make you faster. If you look at most qualifying times they are almost always slower than race times, my point being, without the pressure of actually being in a race and having competitors pushing you to go faster, it's very difficult to produce your best times. Having said that, track days do have there place when it comes to making you faster, its a great opportunity to hone your skills, which you can then use on race day.
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