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Hi There From New Zealand

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Hi, my name is Ash, I'm a 44 yr old biker from down under. I have been riding motorcycles on the dirt on & off since my teens, on the road for the last 8 years & on the track for the past 3 years. Motorcycles are an obsession for me. I've owned 10 road bikes in the last 8 years. I currently have an 08 Hayabusa as my road bike, a GSXR750 I bought new and set up for track riding with Ohlins, yoshi race system, power commander etc. I am shortly going to purchase a kxf250 dirt bike.

I have completed Levels 1-4 of the school curriculum and have found that my riding has improved dramatically by applying the skills. Being an older rider racing isn't a focus for me, although I enjoy a tussle with my mates on the track. My focus is on being smoother and consistant. Superbike School is now about to kick off in NZ at a track that is nearing completion, I was so thrilled with the school and the difference it has made to my riding that I applied for a try out to see if I have what it takes to be a trainee coach. This will allow me to integrate the skills, help out with the school getting established and share the skills with fellow bikers. Sounds like a win /win to me.

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