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Its Been A Good Year!

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This year has been a good one for me with regards to schools and trackdays, I managed to get my level 2 and 3 done on a soggy Rockingham circuit, managed my annual trip to the Nurburgring, and got a decent amount of trackdays at Donington GP, Cadwell Park, and my local Knockhill, all without incident!


This week I did 2 days on Knockhill, these days will be most likely my last of the year as the temp is rapidly dropping here in Scotland. The point is how much I've improved throughout this year and I put it down to Butch (my UK CSS Coach) pushing me for improvement at the school and also the discussions I have had with you guys on here, I have got some very useful information over the year, so thanks for that and keep the discussions going!


On my last track day I decided to focus mainly on one thing, the one thing that Butch had noticed was a weak point in my riding, and that was steering and my quickturn! In the morning it was wet so it wasn't easy to commit to a good positive steering input but I had made my mind up that I was going to work on this drill, so thats what I did, it dryed out in the afternoon and still I persisted to focus on the steering, now I dont have a lap timer but I think if I did, I would have seen the lap times dropping, I really came away from that trackday feeling like I had significantly improved an area of my riding, and just a little annoyed that its the end of the season!


Anyway I guess at least now I can look forward to the twist 2 DVD and look forward to Andy Ibbot getting the 2010 schedule up, but keep on posting guys and girls because its going to be a long cold winter!




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We're just digging in for the winter trackdays. We've just started back up. I didn't get in as many trackdays as I'd hoped, but with my wife working when she graduates, I'm going to pick it up next year. Hopefully get a trailer so I can do a couple more classes.

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Ace--glad to have you up here as part of the forum, and that you had a good year riding!


I think 2010 is going to be a banner year for us, got some neat stuff in the works...the off season should get pretty interesting in itself.



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