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Howdy From Liverpool, Uk.

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Hey all, i'm Bongo. I'm 26 years old, a Telecoms engineer and an obsessed bike rider!


Started riding in 2007 when i got my licence and bought an R6, before doing a trackday 6 months later at Donington in December 07. Got hooked, and over 2008 did plenty of trackdays around the UK.


Decided to try my hand at racing in 2009, so sold my R6 road bike, and gixxer 750 track bike i'd bought, and put the money to a 2003 CBR600rr, which i still have now.


This year i raced afew sprint races at Three sisters, and rode the Junior 600 series of the Hottrax endurance championship. Ended up making the podium on all but one where we came in 4th, and we finished 3rd in the championship, so a cracking first year racing!


Off to Almeria in a couple of weeks to round the year off too.



Joined this place just to continue improving my riding theory. I'm a great believer in knowledge creating the basis for improvement, and fortunately i really enjoy reading up on techniques and theories.


May well know some people on here already. Hopefully i can add something to the place....


I have said for a while that i'd like to do CSS, after reading the TOTW books to death going through things as i go over the year, but with the racing, money hasn't allowed the training as well. It's an aim though and it'll happen at some point!


Anyway, that's my intro :rolleyes:



Little pic of me in Alcarras, Northern Spain, at the start of the year.





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Hey Bongo,


Welcome to our cool forum, hope you find some information that helps improve your riding and racing more and more. Am sure as a follower of Keiths awesome knowledge, you'll find some very interesting bits and pieces on here to further enhance your riding more.


Am sure you'll decide at some point in the near future to come and do some schools, I'd say normally when you hit your plateau and can't go any quicker, or perhaps you start to have some unexplained crashes. Is a fairly common approach and we get lots of club racers coming to see us when this happens, so you'll be in good company. :lol:


Like your photo, though do you lean off that far all of the time?



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Thanks guys. I was having fun in Spain playing with my elbow lol. I do lean off a lot though with my upper body. Apparently i ride like Ben Wilson??? But yeah, i use my upper body more than most i think.

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Welcome and good job on the racing!


You said you had read KC's books, just curious, what thing has stood out the most/helped you the most would you say?




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Hay Bongo

welcome to the forum mate! Like the riding style! Is that a throttle monkey sticker on your bellypan?

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Lol, it is a throttlemonkey sticker mate yeah.


Hi Cobie, i guess the biggest things that helped me initially was things like how throttle application affected your riding. I thin for me it was specific little pointers that helped me one by one. Like not letting off the throttle because it'll make you run wide and getting the throttle correct to get the weight right across the bike through a corner instead of loading the front etc.


Things Ibbott teaches like the Pick up drill i use all the time. I also improved through chicanes with CSS knowledge. Also, in TOTW books i liked learning about what the suspension was doing. I used to visualise the fork and shock movements as i was braking, trailing it in, cracking the throttle and opening it from the apex to try to picture in my head and feel what the bike was doing in reaction to what i was putting into it.


I'm one of those people who enjoys reading up on things though. Whatever i do, i love the theory. I fish when i'm injured, and love nothing more than reading up on rigs, techniques, baiting options etc!!


I've just bought an Starlane Athon GPS lap timer which i'm hoping to use to dissect my riding and get a bit of time off my laps too. Nothing better that some reading and some gadgets!!

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