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I Did My Best But It Was Not To Happen

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well this is my second race in Saudi Arabia ( the first one i came in third ), i was determined that i do better but at the start of that day every one seemed to hit a personal record, now we did not beet the record with a second or a part of it every one made 3 seconds minimum some 4 or 5.

at the start of the race ( in therd posision ) i had a bad start as alwayes but stayed at forth. us for leaders kept together for the first 2 laps, on the third lap i was going to over take the guy in front of me at the end of the strait but i cud not down shift!!! the bolt that holds the shifting rod came of and now i can not down or up shift and was stuck in 5th gear in a track that uses 2nd gear in 90% of the track.

i was screaming and i think that i cried ( do not know and will not admit it ) the guy behind me past me i looked at the shifting rod and found that the shift rod feel in the lower faring and it will not be a problem when leaning i gave it my best.

the race was 12 laps total, the shifting rod feel at the beginning of lap 3 but i manege to finis in 5th please.

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Can't shift but you took 5th? That's AWESOME! Good job!


Can't disagree with that, for sure I would have been yelling :)


Good job.



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Way to make the most of it man! I have been in similar situations when racing (bicycles) and I understand your frustration but still, you did awesome.

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