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Finally Signed Up!

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Well after being on the forums for about a year, I finally signed up for CSS Level 1 & 2 at Thunderbolt, NJ on May 10th & 11th 2010. I plan to use my own bike however (I've been riding for a little over a year) and think it will be more beneficial to get more comfortable on my bike (CBR 600RR).



I was able to convince a riding buddy of mine to go to the school as well. He wasn't against it, but just didn't know what it was about and what was taught. I think he just assumed it was a school of just trying to go as fast as possible. Luckily I was able to find the youtube videos of Andy Ibbott and he learned a thing or two from them (knee-to-knee, etc.) and quickly changed his mind. After seeing the youtube videos he was already planning to go, but when I told him about CSS now having the BMW S1000RR, it was the final straw (as he owns a K1200S). He pulled the trigger and signed up a week ago so I figured I would sign up as well to lock in my spot. I also plan to get my brother-in-law signed up as well. My sister is going to give it to him as a Christmas present.


I know we have our homework to do. We each have a copy of TOTW 1 & 2, Soft Science and the TOTW 2 DVD. I look forward to the class and what it has to offer from the reviews I've been reading. Look forward to seeing you guys out there.



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Totally awesome man, congratulations! Sounds like you're gonna do it right too, homework and all... I remember during one of Keith's lectures he asked a question that had been covered in Twist2 and I said, "well I feel a little like I cheated, but it said in the book..." and he said something along the lines of, "Nope, that's not cheating!".

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Lwarner: Yeah, I read my TOTW books every once and a while, I pick up something new all the time. It's not about trying to grasp it in one reading, that's what's good about it.


Jody: I've been to the New Hampshire Loudon track about a year ago. I did well in some parts, horrible in others. From the course materials in Levels 1 & 2, I know there are specific things that I'm going to be able to pick up to help me. Quick Flick is big on my list to learn and two-step I heard will go a long way. My sister just signed up my brother-in-law, but him and my buddy have never been to a track.


Greg: The K-1200S from what my buddy has told me and what I've seen is sweet. ABS, Traction control, etc. etc. He's offered me to take it for a spin, but I don't feel comfortable yet. He said if I could ride my bike, his is much easier, a lot of the guess work is taken out.

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If you can take the time to work on the quick turn and the 2 step (they go hand in hand), you'll be better served. You will see more improvement with this than anything else you'll learn at the school. You'll have a better understanding of it, and taking that time to improve on it with an instructor behind you will be priceless. And they had my Kawi at the school so I didn't have the same problem, but know what you're talking about. Have fun.

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You have a good library of material there, plenty to set you up for the school. Any questions on that material, get up here and pop them out.


One thing that I think happens is guys view learning as "take it in, listen, watch." I think learning is a bit more active, so get up here and get into it!




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