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New Guy From St. Louis

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Greetings all. 49 year-old who started on cruisers and migrated (evolved?) into sport bikes over the years. I presently ride a 2007 BMW K1200S and 2001 Suzuki GSX-R750 the latter being primarily a track bike. I have participated in many track days but find myself stuck firmly in "B" or "N" group and progress has stunted. Thought I could never do a CSS but some some unexpected discretionary funds came available and I signed up for a two-day camp at Barber in early June. I am really looking forward to this. I have Twist book I and II and recently ordered the DVD. Look forward to riding the S1000 too! :D

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Gday Steveg,


Welcome to the forum, tonnes of information and knowledge bouncing around in here. Biggest thing about having all this info is sometimes it overloads your brain :lol: I would suggest to learn one thing at a time......throttle control may be a good place to start. Dont read the books too quick take your time, unlike me who then got everything mixed up!!


Enjoy your 2 days mate wish we had that opportunity in australia

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Howdy. You're not going to be stuck after this school. You're going to get plenty to work on that will help you improve. I went through the same thing. Read those books, participate on this forum, ask questions, and watch the video a few times. You'll start picking things up and improve from there, but nothing like going through the school.

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