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  1. The fork levels should be fine as everything was installed by a Ohlins approved technician, I think its mainly a combination of me, the settings being too hard and cold oil. Just keen to get the bike back out again.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I'm not too bad with the concepts of suspension tuning I guess its putting it into practice at the track and not trying to "get my monies worth and pull in during a session and make adjustments. A hot day would probably been good to really gauge where the current setup is at. I have the zip ties on and they're not using all the travel. I really need to get some heat into the oil first before I try and set it up so I'm going to have to wait till I'm at the track next and get the local suspension guru to help as well. Thanks
  3. Hi khp, No too fussed on the crash bit sore a few says later but nothing broken:) footpeg snapped at the bolt so new bolt, some filing of the footpeg, tape for the fairings and back on track The main issues that I'm having is mid corner and exit the front feels like its walking away even when applying throttle control. Like you said I think too stiff on the front, the spring is about right as I'm 87kg and with gear about 95kg. I have 85 mm of oil in the forks. So if I did the stock settings I should go softer by a click or 2? to take in account the harder spring? The rear came around because I thought the line had dried out and decided to use my dry line, getting on the gas to hard tried to back off the throttle slightly to keep it spinning and controlled, thought I had control then the rear came around and the sliding began. My fault nothing to do with the bike
  4. Hi All, I haven't been on for a while, so I hope everyone's doing ok... To the question...... I just had all the internals replaced to Ohlin's on forks and shock revalved, new springs, shock spring etc... SAG was set in shop, on a cold bike mind you. I did a track day on Friday and I hate it no matter what I did the bike feels like . If I set the oem settings they will be out because the springs are both stiffer, front Ohlin's 4744-10 and rear spring 1115N. There wasn't any suspension guys there just a few people that tried to help. Anyway after 2 sessions, in pouring rain, the back end came around on me and I took a closer inspection of the track surface. I was riding at about 60%. I repaired the broken bits and went out again when it dried up, after returning the settings to the ones the suspension guy applied thinking it was just the wet and poor throttle control, but no the bike still felt horrible and left me with no confidence. Has anyone had a similar (not crashing though) experience after new suspension? Thanks in advance Dylan
  5. lack of good reference points, choosing bad lines, left hand double apex turns are the main contenders
  6. Hey Ian, welcome and I've watched your build on netrider, http://www.netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=128927, this onw has pics,
  7. Thanks Eirik, good advice. I can't trailer my bike down there (about 1.5 hrs drive) so I can see the ride home will be a hard slog, but I will put a few mates that have trailers on notice just in case! If you have a car I would suggest to definately trailer the bike there, you can rent one for the day, trailer. Just in case you happen to slide down the road and that you will be very tired after a doing level 1
  8. I have the 190/50's and I would never go that profile again at the track. IMO 180/55 would be the go if they fit, ebay your 190's
  9. Mugget I'm assuming your on about Queensland raceway turns 5/6? From some footage I just had a look at I would say One steering input- check the throttle slightly as you intentionally run a little wide- get on the gas as you pick the bike up out of the corner.
  10. what track what corners and do you have a link to any track day/racing footage?
  11. Just answered your own question i'd say
  12. Just to be clear you are saying I should have my shoulders more like that on the left on the diagram? I was going to not ask this but wth .. when doing the kissing the mirror thing do you feel you are sitting on your wedding tackles? like its almost between you and your seat? Nice!! your wedding tackle is important so take it easy. I find that if I keep a fist or so between me (the takle) and the tank then I can move around the tank without giving the tackle cause for alarm, especially during hard braking. I agree with Mr Rutter that it looks like your looking at your front wheel maybe try looking up a bit more unless its just the way your helmets sitting, should open up your wide view a bit too.Try dropping your elbow towards the corner a bit might help with the upper body twisting too.
  13. +1 For me I slowed down because trying to ride at the same speed with a different body position just wont work. Level 3 will help, if you havent done it yet try getting your bike on stands and trying different body positions maybe use a video camera to have a look at each position have 3 or so, your normal and then a couple of adjusted positions, I know its not the same as riding. When you get on the track have a camera at the rear, a mate behind you, use the track photographer and/or the track coach. each session try one of the positions and see which feels good and check out the footage. Find the best body position and gradually increase your speed until it becomes your normal body psoition and off you go!! O try some tech spec or stomp grip to help sliding around the tank, reduce the fatigue of the legs and arms. Might help might not
  14. Hanging off!! why do racers hang off? So that they can keep the bike as upright as possible to maintain more grip to put the power down earlier to get better drive out of a corner thereby making them faster? Would that sound about right? Personally I'm not too fussed about how many degrees my bike is at I just ride the bloody thing. I'm guessing you guys dont ride with a protractor attached to your bikes so you are at 47.25647859 degrees max lean angle, you know when your exceeding it cause your sliding along the track personally I know that when I'm over too far I feel the bike getting loose and wanting to push out from the front, stepping out in the rear or I'm tucking my elbow in and knee back in to the tank because its dragging too much . If I wasnt locked into the tank and had a good body position, head to mirror etc I wouldnt be going faster than I did prior to doing CSS where I learnt these skills. Fact: Hanging off has definatley made me quicker plus it also looks very very cool!!!
  15. the problem i am having is half way threw i panic . i mean i dont look any other place than the corner . just look threw it as much as i can . i dont know if i am letting off the throttle or not . Some questions I should have asked from the start. How long have you been riding and where? Have you completed Level 1 yet or read TOTW? Do you feel like your riding at 100% of your ability? Back to your answer your saying you dont know if your getting off the throttle, if the throttles still on you'll hear the engine climbing in revs correct? You will definately run wide. Be very careful with the above mentioned adding of maintenance throttle too much, and the rear slides out or you chop the throttle and highside. Are you looking to far into the corner are you doing the two step properly? You will need to slow down so that you can set up for the corner, body poisiton, braking, RP's, TP's, exit point just to mention some. I'm still thinking its a visual problem and that you just dont like being behind someone your probably flicking your vision between the bike in front and the road.
  16. if your worried about leaning you could buy a trike
  17. Remeber that some poeple are faster than you and may just be taking it easy for the first hour or so. I think your getting tired, overthinking and maybe your visual skills are are diminishing. Where in the corners are you looking at the start of your ride compared to the latter half of the day, sounds like a bit of the two step drill needs to be consolidated. I also find that I stay at the front of the pack when I ride by myself too
  18. Step 1 dont write the article if your asking dont teach or give advice Step 2 do level 1 and 2 at the school learn from expeience Step 3 watch TOTW dvd, covers your exact question and how to react
  19. Since reading this post I decided to have a quick look at the slicks that came with my new "old" CBR 400. Again I learned something new and something I should have checked previously, because after checking them I found the front 125/600/R17 was made in 2004 and the rear 165/630/R17 made in 2005. Im riding at a track called Winton raceway ( Victoria Australia) this weekend so should I see how they go or swap them on the day? Im thinking Dunlop Alpha 12's. Thanks Tweek for asking that question and making me get of my backside to have a look
  20. #2 Your statement that you have not set the sag (and most likley nothing else on the suspension) indicates that this is something that needs to be done. So why are you concerned about tires at this point? Handle the suspension before asking about your tires. I was mainly concered about the tyres as I had never used slicks before and observed the wear to be different to my road tyres. The original owner was of a similar weight and size so I wasn't too concerned with the sag at that point. #4 You never mentioned you lap times compared to a track record time (just for comparison). If you were going 30 sec off the pace, there would no reason to make changes, but if you were much closer to the record you could gauge your changes to determine if it was better or worse. When you throw a pic up here without adequate backup data and information you are not helping yourself to really resolve the problem. The bike I normally ride is a CBR 1000 and this was a CBR 400 so I dont think I could compare times or have any data to back up my question. I know I never posted the difference in cc's Thanks for your help
  21. Hi guys, If possible I would greatly appreciate some help sorting out my tyre wear. Bit of background, new bike havent set sag yet too lazy i guess, never used slicks before and not ridden this bike on track. Bridgestone YCX slicks, sorry DUNLOP RTS they came witht the bike. Tyre pressures set to front 30 rear 28 hot off the warmer as suggested by the track tyre dude. Heres some pictures to help explain. For the rear I'm thinking shock rebound problem and over inflated and the front I'm not sure about apart from the late braking and trailing the brake. Or my tyres are knackered and I need new ones pics are a bit big only take a second to load and reduce REAR TYRE FRONT TYRES Thanks in advance Dylan
  22. Crash I think you just need to stop worrying and just do level 1 then you'll understand what most of us are talking about
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