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  1. Considering my prostate is now 52 I need to train on a regular basis. Cycling and backpacking are my two other main passtimes. I think a fitness section geared to sportbike riding would be cool.
  2. Maybe some of the answers are bike specific. On my old heep I go neutral for a moment on the throttle during the second flick as I am already carrying a lot of speed. Then back to rolling on to finish the turn.
  3. If you are trailbraking into a slow corner and have to gas it at the same time to keep the front end from diving there are some serious problems with your riding or bike or both. Please have your bike checked out and get some coaching before you get hurt.
  4. And from a student its fantastic to be coached by the best in the biz. I recently finished my first level 4 and will be back for more next year. Thanks for putting up the vid Dylan. Pete and Mikey are awesome!
  5. Im guessing there will be a 1199R very soon. Since Im a duc guy its a no brainer.
  6. See ya at sow! Im the old guy on the clappd out duc.
  7. Gonna finish L3 and 4 this month. Then as far as school goes Id like to do another L4 in June and again in october 2013. Maybe someplace new as I will have done all 4 at SOW. I think I will be ready for some track days too. Id really like to do some of those. Maybe add another bike to the stable. Hopefully I will become a more competent rider on the street and track. Still got a lot to learn but Im very pleased with my progress as a rider thanks to CSS. Id like to get to MotoGP or WSBK next year. Overall just continue to enjoy the sport and make new friends. Being 52 its great motivation to st
  8. If you just want more lean angle, dont try to hang off. Ride the pace like a motorcop, sit in the middle keep your torso and head in the middle and turn it in. You will definatly lean more...or crash.
  9. I want to put some on my bike. Have to get universal and make a pattern. Going to put some on before my nxt css days in oct . I can say Ive developed some hella strong groin muscles without the pads. I hope I dont dent the tank squeezing...lolz!
  10. And dont forget to practice your Quick Pinch to Zoom drills!
  11. I took off the front turn signals, removed the headight fuse, taped the headlight ,tail light , speedo, and rear turnsignals. Good to go.
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