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Off Camber Uphill Blind Left Hander ..help!

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Hey Guys,


I have recently found that off camber uphill left handers similar in shape to a hairpin, are a bit of a problem, corners like Lukey heights at Phillip Island

or crash corner ( last corner only left hand corner on track) at Broadford, small track in Victoria Australia,


I am finding that it fires up SRs, being that I cant see where Im going. The bike feels 'light' as I am cresting the top of the turn and it causes me to roll of the throttle and run even wider, opposite to what I want. I know I should come out wider and basically hook turn back towards the vanishing point but even when I do that I cant get used to the bike feeling so 'light' when cresting. Is there any idea or drill I can practice to sort out this problem or should I just harden up a bit :lol: . Could this be a suspension problem?





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Huh, I thought crash corener was that right at the end of the straight on the of the hill at Broadford? Anyway could be a suspension issue (not enough rebound damping) but I think it is just the way it is in those corners. If the bike is cresting a hill it is going to get a little light. We have a simular situation in turn 6 on the Big Track at Willow Springs.


A couple things that might help. #1 good referance points are key, you have to be confedent your on-line even though you can't see where you are going. #2 Sometimes picking the bike up a bit as you go over the crest can help as well.

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Hmm only my 2nd time at that track, you could be right, if it isnt it should be crash corner!!! the 2 times i've been there its claimed about 5 riders.

Ive had a look a some footage of soft rear suspension and wear on tyres and I think my rebound may be a problem. Like you said good RPs and trust my line and I'll definately try pick up drill this saturday and update my track drawings with some more RPs .


Thanks Stuman



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