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New 125 Racer Should Start Where?

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So I've wanted to road race my whole life but went with motocross first (cheaper, closer). 5 years later and I'm ready to commit to buying and racing an RS125GP bike.


I've taken 2 schools, the first at RoadAtlanta with Keith back in 1996 at his 125GP school. Now the question is - which series should I contest next year? There are so many - WERA, CCS, USGPRU, Can-AM, RACE (Canada Shannonville)...


I'd love to hear some opinions of the experienced racers, what series (I'm in upstate NY) has the best tracks, the best people?



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Well, What kind of a budget do you have? How far are you willing to travel?


From upstate New York the Can Am series might be the shortest travel.


Loudon has a great 125 class (that's what I run). It's easily as competitive as any of the national series


USGPRU events are a blast, too.


Welcome to the fold. I like to see this class growing!



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Thanks for the input guys!

I've not been to see a 125GP race, but have been collecting opinions and reading anything I can before next season when I start racing myself. What I really want to do is not get sucked into the most competitive class and get my ass handed to me. I want the best chance of actually winning a race the first year out. Then if all goes well, I'll move to a more competitive class the next season and hone my skills there.

I've heard/got the feeling that the fast guys in Can-Am are really fast (isn't it Am and Expert run in one class?)

My budget is tight (~$4500 for bike) but I'll travel far if I need to. I'll definitely go to Loudon, I've heard great things about the track.

Thanks again,


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Right now you can get a great 125 for 3,000. Make sure it's 1995+ They are cheap to buy, but expensive to maintain. save some dough for the off-season rebuild$$


Don't expect this to be an "easy" class though. There may be few amatuers involved, but the experts are here because these are serious race bikes. Not at all easy to get the most out of. There relly aren't any easy classes at Loudon. It's the biggest club racing outfit going and the (top) level is pretty high.



This (GP singles) is the only class I know of where the Amatuers run with the experts. I think it's a good format because there are so few amatuers on these bikes. You get to see the better riders on track from the start.


Let me know if you need any help. At the track, I'm in center garage #4.

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