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Marvel Mystery Oil

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Don't expect to get much traffic on this one, but I got an interesting result from this stuff.


I often go for extended periods without riding my personal bike, and now with shuttling kids while in town, that's still true (not gonna do sidecars). So, I've had to clean the carbs a few times from gas doing what it does when left too long.


Cleaned out the carbs earlier in the year, it wasn't a perfect job, a month or 2 later the pilot jets were a little clogged. A friend recommended Marvel oil. I put a few caps through it, ran about 2 tanks, maybe a little better, but not perfect.


Did this last trip, gone 6 weeks. Had Whitney run it once while I was gone, got a chance to ride it this last weekend, expected it to be worse and lo and behold, the carburation was just about perfect! I was pleasantly surprised.


Anyone else used this stuff?



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We have very limited access to products like the one you mention up here in the North, so no, I haven't tried it. Nor have I tried Seafoam, but I have read hundreds of raving reports from users, several of whom I consider very reliable sources.


But the most important part is that your bike is running well cool.gif

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Yeah, both Marvel Mystery oil and Seafoam are great products, a capfull of Seafoam on fillups will help keep the carbs and fuel injectors and valves clean.. I've also heard that when you change your oil you can drain a bit of oil out and then fill with Marvel in with the remaining oil and run the bike for a bit to circulate the oil. After it's run a bit you complete the oil change.. The oil should start coming out cleaner over the next couple of oil changes as the Marvel helps to remove the ###### that builds up in your engine especially if your bike has quite a few miles on it.


My buddy and I took a great motorcycle mechanics class down here in Los Angeles and we became believers in these products after seeing them used!

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