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I Crashed Hard

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i qualified 4th and when the race started after turn 1 i was still 4th but on T3 i was in 3ed place, the first 2 were very fast but i managed to hang on, the guy in front made a mistake so the rider behind him past but no space for me to to pass, so i was looking for an opportunity and found it so i decided to pass him at this turn ( in an S turn ) when i lend in the turn i may have added more throttle because the rear tire sided and i was on the ground and the bike was facing me ( i entered the turn at 110+ mph ) i was heading to the iron barrier very fast so my brain just shuts off and i was uncontentious for 20 minuets. i woke up in the medical center in the track then i was taken to the hospital for a CT scan of the brain. i hit the barrier so hard ( i had one back protector in the suit and one additional one ) the additional back protector split in 2.

i was very lucky to end up with a swollen hand and a blue a$$ :) pain all over but will try to recover ASAP.

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