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Anyone Have Experience With Cornerspin?

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Happy New year all.


I was wondering if anyone here has experience with the Cornerspin school (billed as roadracing school in the dirt)? I had heard of it when I was looking for a school last year but I decided to take California Superbike School instead (I found CSS to be great, doing levels 1 & 2 last year and I'm planning on levels 3 & 4 when they are back at VIR in May).


That said, I was watching the movie "Faster" and they discussed the fact that many of the greats got their start dirt bike racing and many of today's superstars train in the dirt. It made me reconsider Cornerspin. As a bonus Cornerspin runs in the winter so I don't have to wait for warm weather.


Anyway I just thought I would ask if anyone had experience (good or bad). Considering how impressed I was with CSS it would be great to know what people who know CSS think of Cornerspin.

Many thanks and ride safe.

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Colin Edwards dirt school


Just incase you didn't know about this option.


I did not know about this one. Thanks!


Have you attended?

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I have done Corner Spin and loved it. It is a fantastic adjunct to Keith's program. I don't think anyone would be disappointed with the training.

Just looked at Colin Edward's site. That camp looks like fun and offers a lot. Based on my experience with Corner Spin I have to say there is an element

of "mancation" at the Boot Camp. Corner Spin is strictly rider training with set drills to learn specific techniques. Corner Spin is very reasonably priced for what you get also.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I'm going to try to fit Cornerspin in before CSS comes back to VIR in May. If I manage to do that I will post a review. And I look forward to seeing what KTM250SX thinks of Colin Edward's school.

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I live in the Carolinas and am also interested in Corner Spin. They have a sister class called Corner Speed, but honestly, it would have to be something special to beat CSS. If anyone decides they want to go, let me know. I'm kind of a slug, but if our schedules match, maybe we can get together.

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