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In 2000 and in 2002, I participated in Jason Pridmore's STAR school as it came to Kershaw's Carolina Motorsports Park. Boy, what an eye-opener. I found out that I had been riding with bad habits for more than twenty years.


I promise you that you'll talk about one of these schools for years, should you go, for one overwhelming reason: you get to learn what's right, and that frees you from fear, even as a casual street rider.


In one lap, I was sad, mad, glad, thrilled, exuberant, humbled, pleased and relieved that I had made one of the best choices in motorcycling.


Kershaw's a wonderful track, but STAR is not coming to it because it's tough for the staffers to get to. Keith - or should I say, Mr. Code - I hope you'll get closer than VIR to the Aiken,SC area. I always find it a pleasure to speak to and work with somebody who knows what's what!

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There are some advantages of riding on new tracks. One is that is really will force you to take your skills and apply them to another area.


On top of that, it's only once a year!


Come give us a shot, see what you think. We've got a guarantee, how can you loose!




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