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Wsbk At Phillip Island – Spoilers

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Well it looks like Phillip Island was made for Carlos and the Ducati with a record lap in Superpole and a double to start the season. But I have to say Haslam made a nice showing in his opening on the S1000RR. I enjoyed his dueling with Melandri which erned him a podium in race 1 (even if he did come out on the losing end in race 2). And Melandri and Biaggi's battle for second in race 2 was fun as well, again I wish it had ended otherwise (sorry Max, someone has to wear the black hat) but it was fun just the same.


It's good to have racing back! I just wish the camera work on WSBK races was better. I think MotoGP coverage has spoiled me…:D

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Sam Lowes did really well in WSS and it must be gutting to be pipped at the post by two other riders after you've made some seriously ballsy overtakes, only because your bike lacked 5 or 6bhp.


Leon Camier did well to claw his way back up too, hopefully he can do better once he's shaken off the illness.

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...If it wasn't for the power of the Aprillia...



To quote a post from another board..."He {Biaggi} ran T1 wide so many times last weekend, I thought he was trying to make his way to new zealand." To which I laughed out loud.


Knowing he wouldn't have won the championship without serious skills, regardless of the bike, I still think Aprilia pulled a Steinbreener, spent the money, and came home with a title. That said, everyone needs a Black Hat and Biaggi has been mine since his MotoGP days so now I can pull for anyone with a chance of knocking him off. :P


No hard feelings Max. ;)

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Marco Melandri was awesome in race 2. If it wasn't for the power of the Aprillia, he would've had 2nd over Biaggi.

The Aprilia's are definitely fast on the top end. What surprised me though was Jonathan Rea's top speed numbers on the Honda. In race one Rea (314.3) was 2nd only to Biaggi (317.0), and in race two Rea (318.0) was a very close 2nd to Biaggi (318.9). For no good reason, I just wouldn't have guessed the Honda had that top speed going for it...


Overall I was impressed to see Leon Haslam pull 3rd and 5th respectively on the BMW. After BMWs lackluster results from the 2010 season it was easy to wonder if the BMW could be competitive, but Haslam's results are a pretty good endorsement I think.

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