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Level Two

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New to the forum but not motorcycling. Have completed level one and will take level two at the end of the month. Any suggestions would be great!

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Find out what is being taught in Level 2 and read up on it. That way you know what they're talking about and can get clarity instead of initial education on it. That will put you ahead of the power curve for learning. You could possibly even already have questions regarding what you're learning and could have already tried these things and experimented with them.


I don't have anything to reference in front of me, but I believe they cover:


Reference points

Changing lines

The three-step

Wide view

Pickup drill (I've loved this drill since I took level 2)


Have fun. I'm sure if you just want to learn it when you get there, you'll still learn a lot.



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For me the vision drills were a challenge so I would recommend reading up on vision in Twist 2 and practicing the drills Keith wrote about. That should really help when you cover the three-step (which is an extension of the two-step you learned in level 1). I will say that the vision skills in level 2 had the most impact on my riding (I'm still new to the track scene just for a reference). I found I was really improving on tying corners together.


Good luck and have fun!

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