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Where I Do My Cornering

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This is the typical standard of the backroads I enjoy the most to ride. Not because of the standard, but because they are generally narrow, little used, winding and run through great nature. Maybe you'll understand why a dual-purpose machine is the best tool for these roads?








Taken today near the area from where my family comes and that carries my family name:









This is just outside a small place called Gyland, where I tour past once or twice most years. Picture is from the newspaper this winter, after the road collapsed in what must be the frost heave of the decade.


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I complain about Virginia's roads a good bit because after the winter they can look like that around here (except for the hole with the woman in it!). We have too many amateur snow plow operators. But at least they tend to get the potholes repaired in the spring. Well most of them anyway, there's one on the cloverleaf off-ramp to my house that's been there for months and it's right in my line...:D

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