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Jun 11 And 12 School Primer

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Hey everyone,


In trying to get as much information and knowledge as I could I read Lee Park's Total Control and came to find out that there is quite a bit of the same information as Keith's TOTW II, but yet there is some things that are slightly different, or at least as far as how I have interpreted them through my reading. He actually references and mentions Keith's philosophies in his book. He had a class here locally over the weekend which I attended. I found it to be quite helpful as well as humbling to tell you the truth. I've come to find out how much there is still for me to learn on a bike. I definitely found the class helpful and a lot of fun. I actually found myself pushing my personal limits as far as lean even in the parking lot setting in which the class was conducted.


Has anyone here ever taken his course? If so, was it before or after attending CSS? How did it help/hinder you when taken in conjuction with CSS? Thanks again in advance.



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I have not taken the class, but I have read the book. If Keith is Zen, Lee is Tao. Check YouTube.com for videos. You can learn a lot more in a parking lot than they teach in you in a standard MSF course.

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I have not taken the TC riding course. I intended on it but after auditing a parking lot session concluded *for me* the focus was simply too limited, especially for the price. The TC book has some useful information but CSS is certainly a next level. It's possible TC's next level may have something more to offer you but I suspect CSS has more to offer in general.


Think of it this way, since you did the course, were you ever in a situation where you were doing well over 100 mph down a straight, coming up on a corner? What you'll need to do, your vision, reference points, body position, braking? TC doesn't remotely touch on this level of riding. CSS can prepare you for that and much more. I think it's that simple.


Only my opinion. ;)

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I have to agree with Gorecki (but don't hold that against him). I evaluated both and though that while I like Lee's book I wanted a more complete training course. And after completing Levels 3 & 4 (yesterday no less), I am very happy I did. Lee's course may be great but if you are looking for training that scales upward with your ability, CSS is a perfect fit. I think you would find the school very useful to help build on what you have learned from TC and it would be interesting to see if there are any conflicts in the training and what side you fall on after taking both. Who knows, maybe someone else would be able to jump in on that.

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