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Faster Times At The Racetrack

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One of my guys sent this to me, and it was cool enough to post!





..., I dropped 3 seconds off my best Aprilia RS 250 lap times at the Big Track (Willow Springs) over last weekends races. After talking with (instructors) James, Stuman and Will and having them thrash me because I was way too slow, I decided to twist the throttle a little while in the corners and increase my entry speed a little. I think my biggest fear is wrecking a school bike or when I was racing a 750, crashing that. Last weekend, I was on my 250, but cornering as fast or faster than I ever did on my 750 and never seemed to have the same fear. If the wind had not been blowing so hard, I may have dropped another second or two. My goal is to get my Aprilia down into the 33's. I am going to end up racing Sunday at Streets with CCS. I think I can do 33's with my Aprilia on that track since horsepower is not the key. Anyway, I have a whole new desire to get faster and race more. The heck with insurance companies.


Thanks again for doing what you do. Being an instructor is better than I thought it would be. When people ask me what I do for a living, my first thought is to tell them I am a Superbike instructor instead of a professional land surveyor. There are about 3000 professional land surveyors in California. I am not sure, but I think there are only 150 or so Superbike instructors in the world. Both of which I am very proud of. (There are only about 100 instructors currently--CF)


See you at Laguna,



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