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Ok To Mix Different Brands Of Fork Oil?

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Im thinking of mixing some leftover fuchs PRO RSF 15WT with a can of also leftover ohlins 5W to get a viscosity of around 46ISO/CST@40 degrees C


I know the ISO of both the ohlins(22.5 ISO) and PRO RSF (93.5 ISO), so in terms of viscosity, i know what am i doing ...









Anything to watch out for? problems encountered? Compatiability? My front fork doesnt really gets heated up under spirited riding but is it really OK?


Wanna know if any peeps have been playing around like that and problems if any encountered ^^"

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I agree with Eirik - no problems here.


My only warning is to go here and read what Peter Verdone has to say about hydraulic oils. In short, different 5W oils will have different viscosity, so don't put brand A in one leg and brand B in the other.



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I have mixed without issues several times, but for a street rider on relic bikes it may not count for much. You should make sure they are both similarly based; mixing mineral with synthetic probably isn't such a good idea.


Im 99% streetbike and its really old tech damping rods so no fancy hi tech cartridge systems inside ^^"



If you consider it in modern technology terms, it IS a relic ^^|||






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