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Salt Lake City--Miller

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Would it be cheap and spammish to say there is one spot left for the 2-day camp at Miller, July 6-7?


Well, to me the Rockies and riding motorcycles are about as good as it gets. I'm from NMex, grew up in Taos, still go there to see my dad, and it's just stunning. Salt Lake is similar and it still has a small-ish town feel. I'm getting off topic (and a marginal one--but it is our forum, so we'll get cut a little slack :)).


Call or e-mail Whitney if you have some interest in that one: whitney@superbikeschool.com or 800-530-3350.





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I wish I could. I grew up in Florida and lived all over the southeast so when I get out west it is like another world. Seeing that much sand with no water is strange, but it is breathtaking just the same.


If you take any pix be sure to post 'em up!


Have a great trip,


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I'm planning on Miller, but I want max tracktime. I'll do the school there possibly after I've been able to go and run on the track.


Run on the track, a real man!


I might ride my bicycle around it...



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