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Level I And Ii Shout Out

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Hey everyone,


I just want to say thank you to everyone involved in my level I and II experience. Be it staff or fellow students alike. This was my first ever track experience and I must say I loved it! It was the best ever experience I've had on a bike. I would go as far as to say that it is the best recreational experience of my life. Everyone was very approachable and made you feel welcome. The technical briefings were very well explained and fresh in your mind when it was time to get on the track and practice them. The feedback immediately following the riding sessions were very helpful when it was fresh in your head. Though after looking at the photos that were taken by the photographer on site I realize I have quite a bit to work on and lock down, I can honestly say that I'm a much better rider than when I showed up. I cannot wait to go back for levels 3 and 4. Unfortunately for me, I think it won't be til next year that I get to go back. So again, thank you for the unforgettable experience!


I would like to thank my on track coaches Pete and Joe who were my coaches for level I and II respectively. Also Kristi who coached me on the steering bike and Gerry who coached my on the lean bike. And of course I would like to thank Katie (student services director) and Karyn (admin staff) for sending me my helmet and gloves that I left behind. Thank you for making my boneheaded move a lot less consequential. You all epitomize what it is to be a professional.



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That's a great endorsement for CSS. I did my Level I/II 2-day camp in June last year, and my feelings were much the same as yours. Having never been on a track before, it certainly was a fantastic experience. Thankfully I am able to go back for a Level III/IV 2-day camp this coming August :)

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Nice shout out to the team ozzyp! It's great to hear you had such a successful experience. Sometimes I find myself sounding like an "internet fanboy" when I talk about CSS but the simple fact is they offer a fantastic experience. The education is top notch, the logistics are virtually flawless, and the team truly wants you to learn and have a great time so you are treated like a friend not a pay check. In this day of disappearing customer service the entire CSS team delivers it in spades!

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