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So, as I said in my introduction months back (edit: wow a year back)...I wouldn't be posting here much, but I'd be reading often. Reason being I am usually in no position to offer advice and don't push hard enough on the street (only place I ride at the moment) to get into the finer points of cornering. However, I have recently had a bit of breakthrough with the whole rolling on the throttle through a corner bit. For the longest time after reading Twist II, I was just kinda doing it because the book said to. Bike didn't feel any better or worse doing it.


But a few days ago I had my "ah ha!" moment when I powered through a corner perfectly, and felt how the bike wanted to go through it. Since then I've been playing around with it and figured out how to use it. I dip the bike into a corner, and whereas I used to get to the point where the bike wanted to fall and thought "steer it back up" I now think "give it throttle". The bike immediately plants itself and holds the line. I can feel I now have more lean angle to play with as I've figured out what the engineer side of my brain always knew: the cornering forces will counteract gravity.


Just thought I'd share my revelation...FEELING it is different from knowing it in your head.

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Well done, Bubba. Feals great doesn't it? More comforting surprises ahead.


I "got it" when I trusted the fact that if I got the bike leaned INTO the corner without falling over, rolling on a little throtle would only raise the suspension (front and back) and make it safer. Turns out it really does MAKE the bike handle batter.

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