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D211-Gpa Or Q2's?

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Just purchased Aprilia RSV4 Factory, have been at Superbike School for 3-years and attended Code Race last October.


I'm doing more track days but also use my bike for street group rides. Since I have one bike I'd like to use a tire that can work for track and non-track riding.


Have used Q2's in the past and like them very much, the Pirelli Rosa Corse tires on the V4 are already worn after 1-track day and some spirited riding with friends in past two weeks.


Using bike at Infineon and Thunder Hill in Northern California, can the D211's provide more performance, do they need tire warmers? Not a good idea for street tires? Your thoughts?







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Congratulations on your purchase. The Aprilia gets an interesting mix of reviews in the motojournalist world, so I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the bike. If you've ridden the BMW, then I'd also be curious to hear your comparison comments as well.


Back to tires... I had some very similar questions earlier this year. My thought is to try the Q2 first and if it is inadequate then go with the D211. From my reading on this topic, the Q2 is a street tire which is well suited for occasional track days; the D211 is a track tire and you could make it work on the street if needed. The D211 is intended to operate at track tire temps which you may well never reach during street riding; thus operating the D211 likely is less ideal [than the Q2] off-track because it may have reduced traction at the lower tire temps. Based on the comments Steve (aka the Dunlop guy) has posted, no tire requires tire warmers; the tire warmers simply mean you do not have to ride a few miles/take a few laps to get the tires up to operating temp. They are a time saver rather than a necessity to riding.

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Thank you for the comments and suggestions........makes sense. Since I've used the Q2's on my past Super Duke and Tuono Factory I'll use on the V4 then, I don't want to have an unsafe condition when riding on the street.


As for your question on the BMW and RSV4. Yes I have ridden the BMW at Superbike School, (3) of my friends have them. They leave me a little cold, the bike has a lot of power, yes, but not many people can take advantage of that as the bike has a very hard hit when it hits the power band. The brakes are not that great, suspension is ok, not great. The bike felt heavy to me and was uninspiring, not a fan of inline 4's. The electronics are ok, but you can still crash with it, many racers I've read turn the electronics way down as they can be limiting. For the mases, which would include me they could be good safety net.


I had past Superbike School ZX-10 to 6-months, and have ridden most sport bikes. I test rode a CBR-1000RR Honda, then tested the RSV4 right after. The RSV4 blew my mind from the beginning, it feels very compact because it is, very light, ergonomics are brilliant as that was Aprilia's focus, you really feel connected to the bike, your knees slide under tank and you can be light on the bars, feels light riding a 600.


With fully adjustable ohlins, brembos, and aluminum wheels, the bike turns just by thinking about it. I have never experienced more confidence in any bike I have ridden, the power is very, very smooth, throttle control very easy, and the engine sounds amazing!!!! One last thing, I've also never ridden a bike that is so easy to go fast on, combo of brilliant egos, suspension, brakes and motor.


Go ride the BMW, then ride a RSV4 Factory, then you'll know what best suits you.



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I used to run race tires on the street, but I mostly liked how they turned easier (steeper profile). With the new Q-2's, compared to the 211's, they never warm up. I don't ride banzai on the street, not worth it to me. Q-2's for double duty for sure.



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