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Yamaha Fz1N Level 1 & 2

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Hey Guys


I booked for level 1 (12/12/2011 )and level 2(13/12/2011) with CSS Philip Island (Australia). I am really excited and looking forward to this. I am riding from Adelaide to Philip Island (900kms) on my FZ1n which I will be using it for the tracks. I have got my own leathers. My motorbike has gotta coolant in it atm and it is safe to change the water before setting off to Philip Island in a water filled radiator? Am I taking too much risk? The mechanic guys suggested to use the coolant for the trip and change it to water just before the tracks. As I will be travelling on my own, I cant carry much things with me. Will there be enough time before the level1 to change the coolant? Will you guys help me with it? anyone at Philip Island? I love motorbikes and i have ridden for past 10 years and I have got very little knowledge about the parts and motorbike system. So if anyone could give me hand or suggest some ideas would be wonderful. Thank you.






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Hi MM,


I'll let Adam know this is up, but you can always e-mail him directly. Not sure what the requirements are there currently. For years racers have used water, here in the States there have been additives that keep it lubricated, not sure what is available down there (we used a product called Water Wetter, there might be something similar down there.


As long as it won't get near freezing, it won't be an issue, the bike will cool just fine.


ADAM RAFFE (adam@superbikeschool.com.au)


Let us know how your trip and school goes!




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Hi MM,


Changing the coolant over to a water and corrosion inhibitor mix is a recommendation for our events. ie, not a hard and fast rule. You can use a coolant or water for the schools you have booked.


The reason it is recommended to change the coolant out is because in the very rare case that a motorcycle drops it's cooling fluid, water will evaporate on its own, and coolant leaves a slippery residue on the track which requires cleaning. Again, that is a very rare occuarrance. I can't remember ever seeing it at a school. Maybe a handful of times at race meetings. It's because of it's rare occurance that it is a recommendation only.


I think the best approach for you would be to have all the maintenace done before you leave Adelaide. For example, have the bike fully serviced and checked over by your trusted mechanic before you leave, make sure it's in tip top shape, and then don't worry yourself with having to do any mechanical work throughout your journey. That's how I'd do it.


If you do need any work done on or near Phillip Island there is an excellent little motorcycle shop in San Remo (the last town before you go onto Phillip Island itself) owned and run by one of our coaches. The shop is called iMoto, and their website is www.imoto.com.au . Haydn is the owner and he's a top guy, very friendly and helpful.


Hope that helps. Feel free to email me direct at adam@superbikeschool.com.au if you need anything further.




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Thank you Cobie and Adam for your reply. I will email Adam shortly. This forum is vert active and helpful. Thumbs up.






I'd have to totally agree with Adam on getting it done in advance. As much as I'd like to send the work to one of the boys, I'm all for getting it done early, then nothing to worry about but enjoying the school.




ps--if you think of it, give us a review after you are done.

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