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2012 Schedule Is Out

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Hi All,


Many know, but some don't really believe it when they hear, "That date can go quickly, don't wait to sign up."


It really is the case, some of the tracks are popular, and get filled well in advance. If you are planning a trip that involves substantial travel, want to come with friends (and might like to ride in the same group), then best to sign up early, a deposit will secure your spot. Or if you just want to be sure and get in sign, up early.


Part is the shameless plug to get you guys to not lurk or procrastinate, but I actually don't like hearing when a guy tells me later in the year, "I wanted to come, but just waited too late to sign up." Heck, we work hard to make it so people can cancel up to 2 weeks before.


The office is manned (womanned in some cases) by real people, who don't mind talking to customers (weird, I know). Whitney is a rider herself, done the school 3 or 4 times, so she knows what we do. You can always ask for me or Pete, if we are in, we can answer any question the girls can't.


Looking for another outstanding year, and to see you guys at the track.


Very Best,



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NOLA? That must be exciting. Alan Wilson designs some nice tracks. Check out Calaboie (?) Motorsports Park if you get a chance.


I didn't know that he did those 2, cool!

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Will we see Laguna Seca in 2012?


Working on some dates now, we don't know yet...it's a real juggling act, but when they are released, likely will be a 2-day camp.



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Any rough idea what time in the year for Laguna Seca? I have a 3 month window (June-August) to attend a 2 day course. Any Info would be appreciated! Thanks!


When I called the office in December I was told that it'll likely be April (like 2011), if at all.


Thanks for the info. Looks like VIR will work. Have to put off Laguna Seca until next year.

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