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New To The Forum... Sport Tourer

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New to the forum and comtemplating attending Level 1 and 2 at VIR in May. I'm retired military and a Sport Tourer (K1300GT) rider in northern Virginia looking to improve riding skills. Did the 2 day CLASS at VIR back in July and it wetted my appetite. Couple of questions? Are there many other touring riders taking CSS? Will my insurance company recognize CSS as a safety school and cover my bike, just in case?

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Welcome to the forum gunnert!


There are riders of all kinds that take CSS; it's not just for track junkies if that is what you are concerned about. The skills you learn will make you a better rider on the street. I was so impressed with the improvement in my riding after level 1 that I scheduled level 2 the next day. If you are interested I wrote a few reviews: Level 1, Level 2, Levels 3&4 (two day camp). BTW were you going to use your bike or use the school's? Either way would be fine, as Matt mentioned I've seen folks on all sorts of bikes (I believe it was Pete who told me they have taught folks on full dress Harleys), but if you want to experience the S1000RR this is a great opportunity. The downside: you might just end up wanting one, my K1200R now needs one to keep her company in the garage :D .


As for insurance, some companies offer discounts for rider training and should accept CSS (I know it was much more useful tthan the MSF class I had to take here in Virginia), you should give your agent a call. You do get a certificate for each level that you could provide for proff of completion.


If you want to improve your riding skill you will not be disappointed and you will have more fun than you can imagine.


Ride safe,


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Welcome Gunnert,


You aren't the only touring rider on the forum. My ride is a GL1800 "Couch Rocket." I hope to do the school at VIR in August, and will probably ride my own bike. I have some physical limits that won't allow me to crouch over a sport bike all day--no matter how pretty she is.


The best way to know about your insurance is to call your insurance company. From what I understand, there is no "racing" at CSS, just riding on a closed course under the watchful eye of experienced rider-coaches. That sounds like "training" to me. You may even get a discount!


Now just remember, if you bring your K1300GT to CSS, it is considered polite to turn your radio down when in the pits. :P

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Hey gunnert, welcome to the forum. I did some training once and one of the instructors was riding his K1300 R. I never saw a big bike move so fast! And I also decided that day I wanted a quick shifter... Up until then it was just about the most awesome thing I'd seen. I'm not sure how much more weight the GT has, but you may be surprised at just how capable it is.

I would not be worried about what bike you ride at CSS, after all - riders face the same challenges no matter what type of bike they're riding. A group of riders out for a ride on a particular road all need to take the same corners, some will be struggling and not really enjoying the ride while others will be riding safely and with the most enjoyment possible. There's only one sure way to be in the latter group...

I've always thought its a good idea to do some training again whenever you have a new bike (even moreso a different type of bike). Being in a safe and controlled track environment has got to be the best way to become familiar with a bike.

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