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Hi All,


We decided to change the forum around a little bit, the first steps have been done. The large groups are called categories (like TECHNIQUES), and the smaller ones are forums, like "Tires".


Their is a new category and we moved some forums into that. They will get fragmented and divided into more forums, and more will be added. For example, our Dynojet man Timmer has agreed to oversee a forum, probably call that "Tuning".


I plan on getting some other experts up in their respective areas, we'll keep you posted on that.


Let us know what you think: you like it, it sucks, whatever. Or if you have a suggestion of what we could put up here. If it's riding related, we're interested.


Posters and Lurkers, let us know!





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Not to sound disrespectful, but I cannot say that the changes to the layout makes any difference to me. However, I like he idea of bringing in more experts - allows me to oppose followed by being proved wrong, ridiculed and forced to crawl back under me rock :D



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