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Can I Turn In When Rear Wheel Is Chattering?


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Every now and then I'll grab too many down shifts and let the clutch out too much causing the rear wheel on my CBR600rr to chatter pretty bad. It usually stops by the time I get to my turn in point and I proceed as usual.


When I'm not so lucky it doesn't stop in time and I freak out and just run off the track.


The question is, Can I turn in while my rear wheel is chattering or will this be a definite low side?


I know the real fix is to let the clutch out more slowly or downshift at slower speeds, but it's good to know.


Thx for the input...

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in my experience, no, you can't turn while the rear end is hopping around. A tiny bit of upset in the rear end, yeah, I suppose I'd turn in. However, you need to stop the chatter.


If you're coming in and the rear end starts hopping, let off the brakes and give the throttle a twist. It's worked every time for me...


Letting the clutch out slower won't really do it. It's matching the engine speed to the wheel speed for the select gear. The way to do that is via the throttle..

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ive turned in with the rear wheel chattering, again not bouncing like a basketball but some pretty good chatter...turn 8 at the old loudon race track was famous for rear wheel chatter, it use to bother me but then you just get use to it and pretend its not even there and turn in when u want......

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