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Need A Tyre Changer?

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That looks pretty neat, good solution.


The stunt guys have some interesting ways of changing tyres, like using garden tools (stomping on a shovel to break the bead) and brake fluid (spraying it inside the new tire and setting it alight to set the bead), but this would be my preferred method if I was doing it myself. tongue.gif

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This rig looks like it would basically work but afraid there will be situatons it will snap like a twig!


My experience has been, sometimes based on brand, heat cycles, age a bead can be soooo stubborn it can make a person seriously reconsider swapping out their own rubber.


I had a Pirelli that was this sort of stubborn! First homegrown attempt was to use a few large C-clamps, trying to distribution the load I broke many small pieces of wood resulting in an attempt to use a few of these clamps close to each other directly, getting close, a clamp actually broke through the sidewall. :(


Getting frustrated my final attempt was another homegrown method that worked after a couple tries. Look at the attached image, the bead FINALLY gave just as the rear wheels of the vehicle started to come off the ground! The vehicle used is a Hummer H3.


Eventually I'm just going to pony up for a no-mar system. :D


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Found this which I found pretty interesting after having struggled to change a few tyres lately, using the wise as a bead breaker. This is neater!




Looks fun.


Use your friend's kick stand to break the bead. Then try using 2 tire irons and a barrel. It may be less expensive, but you will not get to drink beers while you make the wooden contraption. Just think of all the bench racing that could go on while you make that thing.

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