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First Street Experience Since Completing Level 1

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On May 20th I took CSS level 1 at NJMP, and to sum it up, I was blown away by the whole experience. What an eye opener. In fact I actually signed up for level 2 that same day. I have been itching to get out onto the street since, but between work and lousy weather today was my first time riding since the course, thought I'd share some thoughts.

I've been riding for over 20 years, 15 on the street and felt I was a safe, good rider. I never realized how much more I could get out of riding until CSS. I was amazed at how practical the techniques learned at level1 were when applied to real world street riding. My whole riding experience changed...for the better! The confidence and control I felt were immediate. I really felt as if I was one with my bike. I felt safer than I have ever felt on the road, but it was not a false confidence.

If I had one criticism of myself, it would be going a little too fast on the street. Not reckless in any way but when rolling on the throttle definitely need to remember I'm not n the track. How does everyone else keep themselves in check? Anyhow, looking forward to level 2 in September!



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...definitely need to remember I'm not on the track. How does everyone else keep themselves in check?



By constantly reminding myself "I'm not on the track". When I ride my street Ducati it is a real struggle to maintain this approach but there really isn't a choice IMHO.


I also have an old Triumph Bonneville I restored that I ride with no such pretensions so no desire to push it like my 996; It can't do what a sportsbike can so I don't even try - and it's all good!

Having said that however, I am stunned at times but how much more I push that old Bonnie after all of my CSS training.



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Hi Mike,


Great to hear that you had a good day out at CSS. It's funny how a person can be riding for years and years, thinking that they're very competent - but without even having a clue of how much they still don't know. At least that was very true in my case! It just goes to show how much improvement there can be for a person of any age and any riding experience.


As far as keeping yourself in check on the street... Well a while back I was riding my Gixxer home from work in the afternoon and I was thinking about an upcoming track day, I got a bit excited and gave it a bit of a squirt exiting a roundabout. A few hundred meters down the road I found that a police officer decided to put on a light show for me. Anyways he just asked if I'd been in trouble with police before, then reminded me that the road is not a race track and that speeding fines are very expensive. That reminder was all that I needed and in the years or so since then it's not surprising that I have kept myself well in check!





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