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Excitement Vs Control

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Even I, who couldn't do this if my life depended on it, can see numerous mistakes, mistakes that cost time and increase risk:


19 years ago, a German tyre tester (for Metzeler) in his mid-40s circulated around in the exact same time - on an old Honda RC30! See the difference in lines and overall control. Looks slower, lacks the performance of the ZX-10R, but reach the finish line at the same time nonetheless. And if you understand German, enjoy the fantastic commentary :)


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Can I add one?


This is a more recent video, the bike is an old 2005 R1, purchased & rebuilt after a crash with some choice mods and adjusted for ergonomics over a 20km lap, but it is still 100% street legal. No engine mods, power improvements at all. The lap is 7m 10s, which converts to around 7m 28s "full". And what's even more impressive is that this lap was done with traffic! (And quite a bit of traffic as well.)


Pretty impressive video with the RC30. I noticed there's also traffic there. I didn't re-watch all the ZX-10R video, but from memory I don't think there was any traffic, looked like a clear track for that lap?


I guess these videos just go to show that the basics of motorcycling really haven't changed. It's still the nut behind the 'bars that makes the biggest difference.

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Although in some cases it is really amazing how far the machinery has advanced. Just catching up on the weekends Moto2 race and the commentators mentioned an interesting fact - Marquez qualifying time at Catalunya was faster than any 500 GP race lap time at Catalunya (which is held by Rossi). That's comparing race tyres to race tyres, since Moto2 don't use qualifying tyres.

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