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Awesome-Born Again

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Two weeks ago I would not have considered owning a sport bike of any kind. I was mostly off road and dual sport. I own two BMW's and have been thru several schools for said and I also study all I can find on riding safety and technique etc. This all changed two weeks ago when my dealer irresponsibly let me test ride a S1000RR.

I am now smitten with the sport bike flu. I hope there is some medicine for this or I will be signing up for a class next year to reduce the fever. ha ha.

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The S1000RR has been known to have that effect. Sadly there is as yet no known cure (aside from the occasional threat of divorce, disownment, or destitution) but fortunately there is a treatment. Get some seat time on that S1000RR on the track!

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Haha. laugh.gif

Yes I think it's safe to say that I'm a lifelong sport bike kind of guy as well. I once had a Kawasaki Z750 for a little while... but that didn't even last a year before I traded it on another sport bike! Ever since I have always had a sport bike in the garage.


So you have your off road and dual sport requirements covered... it's only logical that you cover your sport bike needs as well. smile.gif


Welcome to the forum BTW, cya 'round!

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