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Cast Iron Brake Rotors Vs. Stainless Steel Rotors

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A discussion on another forum about brakes got me thinking about potentially using cast iron rotors on my GSX-R when it comes time to replace. And also on a supermoto that I'm building.


From what I understand, cast iron will actually give better braking performance, with better feel to the rider. The downside is that if you ride/live in a particularly wet or humid location the iron is prone to surface rust. Not that it would destroy the rotors, but it just doesn't look too good. Motorcycle riders being the fashion conscious bunch that they are, this is not a very popular option!


The other thing is that I believe you just use the correct type of brake pads with cast iron. Sintered are a very big "no no", so organic brake pads seem to be the only choice. Cast iron also seems to wear much better (last longer)?


I have only ever used bikes with stainless rotors. Currently I use the Suzuki OEM rotors and Carbone Lorraine XBK5 sintered pads and I don't have any complaints. Just wondering if anyone has experiences good or bad with cast iron?

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Cast iron rotors are the bomb! Yes they rust so not really a street thing but on the track they have way more power, meaning less lever effort to get the same stoping.

Sintered is just a process of heat bonding the pad together from powder but usually means it has copper in it and the warnings are more about the type iron used for the rotor.

I have used Braking iron rotor with sintered pads before.

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Interesting to know Ballistic! I'm going to keep that in mind when I need new rotors...


My current brake setup doesn't leave me wanting... but if you need to buy new rotors, you may as well end up with something better, right?! biggrin.gif

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