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Adapting The Bike To Me

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The race bike I bought came with the following suspension upgrades:


2007 Triumph D675


-Race tech 20mm fork internals

-Ohlins 3way rear shock


The bike was setup for a 200lbs rider, my goal by next race season is to be no heavier then 160lbs with gear on. I would imagine with a 40lbs suspension setup difference that the adjustments would almost have to be maxed out to even get it within compliant range for my body weight?


I guess what I am asking is should I go ahead set the budget aside for different fork internals and rear shock spring to have more room for suspension adjustment when it gets closer to season or will the adjustments with the current springs be able to reach the complaint range of me being 40lbs lighter?

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Find a 160 lbs person and see if you can get the static sag unladen and laden within the specified range.




Ah I didn't even think of that lol.....the suspension is pretty stiff, I currently weigh 180 and it barely sags when I sit on it currently. I haven't touched any of the suspension settings yet because I am still watching the Dave Moss videos to make sure I am doing the right adjustments.


Say the settings are pretty much maxed out or close to but the sag numbers are good would new springs still be highly suggested?

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Setting money aside for changed springs might not be a bad idea, but I would start out by checking what the current preload is and how much adjustment you can do as-is.


For the front fork, lowering the oil level can increase the adjustment range.

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