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A Twist Of The Wrist, Electronic Format!


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I just learned that "A Twist of the Wrist" is going to be released soon, in eBook format! I'm excited about that, because that means I'll be able to get it for my Kindle. And THAT means I can also read it on the Kindle app on my iPhone, so I can have it easily at hand anytime I want, like at track or race days when I want to look something up... or just need inspiration! :)


I love my Kindle reader and I've been hoping for a while that Keith Code's books would become available electronically, so I'm really happy to hear about this. Ooh, and I just realized this means I'll be able to use the Search function, too.... this is going to be great!

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Sounds excellent! Hottie, do you know if it's just Twist-I or is it all three books that will be released now as ebooks?




Right now it's just Twist-1, but I imagine the others will come along after, especially if Twist-1 proves to be a popular eBook. I'm sure Twist II would be the next project in line.

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Awesome! I asked Keith about this over a year ago and I've been anxiously waiting ever since :)


Me too! The eBook is a good motivator for me to re-read A Twist of the Wrist, it was the first motorcycle instructional book I read. I've spent a lot of time reading and re-reading Twist II, and now I'm looking forward to going back to Twist I, its been a while.

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