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What A Success, Had To Forward!

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Haven't done this before, but this was a really great one, and with the student's permision, here it is:


sort = alphabetic

realname = Sam

School_Date = 11-05/06-2012, Sears Point Infineon Raceway, 2-Day Camp, Our BMW S1000RR

1 = I had pretty high expectations coming in, as I have been riding for 20 years, and I must admit this was a pretty big budget commitment. Not only did you meet my expectations, you BLEW them out of the water!! I had an amazing time...Best thing I have ever done... From the Registration process, to the level of service from the team organizing the event, the coaches, the classes, everything was TOP NOTCH! So much so that I registered for Level III & IV as soon as I came home...I can't wait to be back in April! THANK YOU!!

2 = My Coach was great, the feedback he gave and the way he delivered the feedback were right on...My body position was my biggest challenge and it has improved greatly as a result...There is still work to be done, But I feel I am a much better rider for it!

3 = The Classes were very clear, and prepared us well for the following Drill. I learn more by practice than Theory...But in this particular case, It was a great experience to get a short Theory class and be able to apply it right away...Building both Gray matter memory and muscle memory on the track right after...

4 = The Lean bike was probably the most pivotal point for me. Taking the fear away of leaning the bike further than I normally would...and I had the opportunity to apply that on the track right after... My body position got that much better from a few circles, and a few laps...

5 = I have learned more in 2 days in this class than I have in 20 years of ridding. I have gone out to ride a few times since the class...I am a more confident, and better rider for it...The things that I have been doing naturally for a long time were validated, and the mistakes I have been making for a long time were corrected...Best time and money ever spent...I can't wait for the next levels to become even better, safer, and having more fun on the track

6 = I am expecting Level III & IV will continue to help me perfect my riding...I am sure that by the time I am back I'll have plenty more questions...

7 = As previously stated, you guys went beyond my expectations!! by far! and thanks Keith for letting me bum a smoke from you! How nice was that!

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I couldn't have said it better (and anyone who has read my posts will know I have tried). Everyone who works at CSS has much to be proud of!

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I couldn't have said it better (and anyone who has read my posts will know I have tried). Everyone who works at CSS has much to be proud of!

Absolutely and wholeheartedly agree ! I have just finished Level 1 at Phillip Island and I was staggered at how good every aspect of the course was (class instruction, coaching, organisation/administration, ad hoc assistance) - and I was expecting it to be great !! As I said to the Victorian crew in my feedback letter, I am not just impressed, I am inspired to emulate to the greatest extent possible - it was inspirational stuff.

While I have family commitments that trump everything (and always will) I am very keen to enter a new phase of learning and development in my riding - and that's after 22 years of fun already. I am getting a track bike and spending much more time working on my riding skills and understanding....so very, very excited, content, expectant and focussed, all at once. So much to learn !! Awesome !!

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