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Hello All, Newbie Here

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I am new to street bikes. I rode motocross for 10 years and now I finally decided to ride on the road. So I purchased a brand new 2013 Harley Davidson iron 883. Took the Harley Davidson MSF 5 day course and passed with 100%. Also went and took my M1 test and passed that as well. I did all this end of November 2012 and been riding since.


Now, I have always been a fan of moto gp and love sport bikes. That's what I learned on in the MSF class. They had Buells. So after riding the Harley a few months, I couldn't resist the great time I had on the Beull. So I went out last week and got a smoking deal on a used 2005 Yamaha R1 for $4500. This bike is very fast and almost scary to ride. I want to take a class there so I can learn much more about sport bikes, learn how to corner better etc... I am in San Diego, CA.

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Welcome to the forum Franco! That R1 is a great bike and it sounds like you got a great deal on it. Around here (Richmond, VA) an R1 of that vintage in nice shape with reasonable miles is easily $6K.


And if you are looking to learn how to ride a motorcycle better (especially a sportbike) you are in the right place. I took my first class with CSS in 2010 and while I had been riding since I was a kid (first dirt bike at 6 yrs old) the school transformed my riding. It opened up a whole new perspective, increased my enjoyment, and without a doubt made me safer. CSS is the best money I have spent on motorcycling period (and that includes any mortocycle I have ever bought, even the S1000 :)).


Use the forum, jump in and participate, ask any questions you cant find the answer to, but the best advice any of us can offer is to sign up for your level 1 class as soon as possible. I wish I had done it years ago.

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Welcome to the Forums Franco,


Being from San Diego your in luck as the closest CSS school is also one of the best learning tracks they have. I highly recommend signing up for at least the lvl 1 class ( but really who can stop with just 1 ) out at Streets of Willow. You'll be infinitely more comfortable riding that beast of a motorcycle around and glad you did it trust me.



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Thank you all for the warm welcome. I have been riding my R1 more than my Harley lately. I have been going on rides with a friend of mine who races and is very experienced. I have become quite a bit better on my R1 since I last posted. Lot's of pratice and seat time. I'm not saying I know it all, my confidence level is still not all there going through turns. I WILL take this class! I am in the process of buying track leathers and equipment. I was going to rent some, but $200 is steep to borrow leathers. Rather invest in my own.


I want to use my own bike, at the same time I'm scared I will crash it and ruin the beautiful fairings. My buddy told me to buy used ones off ebay for cheap and use those for track days.

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