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Hello From India!

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I am from India and it's great to be on this forum.I haven't ridden on a race track or a bike more than 20 horse really.I do however have some drag experience and have read Keith's books.They are definitely masterpieces.I don't own a bike and have had to beg/borrow and steal some saddle time.Learnt braking,shifting and throttle control on my own ( was happy to find i was right ) but Keith definitely taught me the advanced cornering theory.


I understand this is a cornering forum, but can questions related to drag racing and other aspects such as shifting, braking etc be discussed here?



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Thanks.Which section would be most appropriate, as you do not have a misc section?


We are generally not too picky. Find one that feels right and post away. Just don't be surprised if some of these guys want to convert you to road racing :) .


We're a passionate bunch.




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