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First Track Day... Finally!

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Hi guys, after waiting for ages, I finally managed to do a track day at Buddh International Circuit. Unfortunately I didn't manage CSS, but I guess something's better than nothing. What an amazing experience though, and want an amazing track... It was absolutely fantastic! I had booked 2 sessions for myself of approximately 50mins each. The first session, I pretty much ruined for everyone. After doing about 3 laps without incident, in the fourth lap, I got distracted by a bike at turn three, didn't pay enough attention to the upcoming corner, panicked, grabbed a handful of brakes and landed up in the gravel. Luckily neither me nor my bike incurred any damage, but the session was red flagged and called off, as the rescue vehicle coming to pick me up was taking too long.


Back in the pits, I made some quick adjustments to the bike, namely lowered my rear-set pegs by a notch, as they were set too high, causing my legs to be bent very uncomfortably, causing my knees to start paining. This was one very big distraction for me in the first session.


The second session went by pretty smoothly and ran for about 45mins, before another fellow rider followed my tracks and landed up in the gravel too.


Here's a link to the videos of the track day. I've uploaded them by lap.

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