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Hello From India

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This is Vignesh posting from Bangalore, India. I've been riding on the road for about 20yrs now. Discovered track days about 6 yrs back thanks to a good friend. Ever since discovering track days, I've been hooked onto it. I've been reading the Twist of the Wrist books to help understand the art of cornering - every time I go through the books, I discover something new and I try to put that to practise. Now that the CSS school has started in India, the dream of attending a CSS level is closer to reality.


I ride a 600RR on the track. Riding a big bike has helped me understand the conscious effort to counter steer vs. smaller bikes where it is easier and therefore less noticeable. My problem when riding has been to do with body position, corner entry speed and the lack of ability to flick the bike quickly into a corner.


Hoping to continuously improve my skill in the art of cornering!




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Welcome Vignesh! It's ghreat to see all the excitement about CSS in INdia. I understand from Dylan and Cobie that the schools they have done in INdia have been very successful. There seems to be much support and enthusiasm for the sport so hopefully they can expand the schools offerings and reach more riders.


So what do you see as your issues wirth body position? Are you crossed up or hanging off too much? Are you having issues transitioning from side to side on the bike? What do you think your blocks are to improving?




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