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Questions About Class This Summer

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I am signed up for the 2 day class at VIR in August and have some questions.


I know mid-August is a long time from now, but is there anything I should do to prepare for the class, in terms of riding?


How often does someone wreck in the class? I remember someone wrecking in my basic rider course and being shocked. The instructor laughed and said it happens in every class.


Does anyone have any recommendations on a hotel near the track in Virginia?


I would like the opportunity to ride the slide and the lean bike. Does everyone in the class do this or do you have to pre-arrange it?


Are you permitted to do your own videoing with a HERO cam while taking the class?


Can you wear your own gear in the 2-day class?



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Stay at The Lodge at VIR. Totally worth the convenience in my opinion.


You can use your own gear and can use your GoPro. If somehow the camera became a distraction they might suggest you put it aside.


Nothing you really need to do to prepare as riding goes. Stay hydrated and be ready to have fun - that's about it :)


Lean/slide bike might be possible. I vaguely recall level 1/2 students do the lean and then level 3/4 students get to add the slide. Not sure - one of the coaches can clarify.


Don't worry about crashes. They do happen but not often - surely less often that what I see at ordinary track days. I crashed in a 1-day but later did a 2-day where I think we had just one crash in two days (not me thankfully). Better to just keep your attention on what you're learning.


I expect you'll have a great experience. Let us know afterwards.

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Brad is (as usual) right on point. I've stayed in the Paddock Suites and the Lodge and I prefer the Lodge, the beds were more comfortable (the ones in the Paddock Suites fold up on to the wall for hospitality usage), Either option is a bit more expensive than hotels in South Boston or Danville (about 30% as I recall) but those hotels are ~25 minutes away (VIR is very rural). Plus if you stay at VIR its eaiser to meet the other riders. The crew I do track days with now is made up of people I met at CSS over the last few years.


+1 on the rest and hydration advice as well, start a day or two in advance. August in Virginia can be hot. Two years ago we had a fellow suffer from heat exhaustion. That's a bad way to end your day.


As for crashes, yes it happens (this is a risk-intensive sport) but CSS is not a track day and the focus should be on learning not setting lap records. Trevor and his Course Control team do a fantastic job keeping the environment as safe as possible. So much so it spoiled me. When I started riding with track day organizations it felt a bit like the Wild West compared to the attention to rider behavior that you get with CSS.


In short, ride within yourself, avoid the Red Mist (the intense desire to pass the guy in front of you regardless of the consequences) and you should be fine.


And when I did the 2 Day Camp all the off track bikes were available but that was a couple of years ago. I'm sure if you IM Cobie he can tell you.


You are in for a great experience. I hope you post up about it afterward.


EDIT: If you do stay at the track there are limited food options. I can recommend Aunt Millie's Pizza and Subs in Milton. It's about 5 minutes from the track and the pizza is great.

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staying at the track is convenient. As others indicated - foot options are scarce. There is the tavern (their version of slightly upscale food) and the pizza joint a few miles away. Other than that - everything else is 20 minutes plus. You do have a fridge, so getting some sandwich meats/etc is an option. You don't have to worry about lunch unless you have dietary issues as they provide lunch during the days.


I don't believe slide back is open to Level 1/2 students but could be wrong. Lean bike is there. Honestly, I wouldn't even worry about the specialty bikes unless you're having an issue with something and then the instructors will suggest you try the lean bike.


There is enough information there that you'll be learning something whether you're on the lean bike, another track session or class.


Camera's/video's are fine as long as they aren't a distraction to you or others.

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The boys already answered it all! Normally level 1 is steering drill, level 2 is lean bike, level 3 is video and level 4 is slide bike.


Slide bike can be done at a 2-day camp, if lean bike already done, and if all looks good. A number of steps need to be done to get a successful slide bike, and all have to be perfect before moving on to the next step. Not all get that far, but we can sort you out on this at the school for sure.



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