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Integerated Helmet Hud?

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That's pretty slick!


Not sure how much info you would want on a HUD on the racetrack. I'm thinking gear position and RPM might be useful.


I could see wanting maybe a little more info on the street...perhaps gear, RPM and also speed.

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There was a product available in 2004 that put a simple HUD on your helmet with RPM and Speed, "SportVue MC-1" by Motion Research but I cant seem to find anywhere to actually purchase one so I'm guessing it never took off.


I can imagine in about a decade or so the HUD on motorcycle helmets looking something like what Tony Stark has in the Iron Man film's, considering how much electronics are using GPS based tech in racing now I could see massive use of GPS and DAQ in the HUD, especially during testing and practice, Constant updates from the "Pit Board" etc. etc. all on voice command so you can bring them up and then make them go away so as not to distract you of course

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